HELLO ROBOT, LeveL (mischer'traxler studio)

OFF PARCOURS - HELLO ROBOT, LeveL (mischer'traxler studio)

Robots have been sharing our lives for decades, and today they sometimes even inhabit our bodies.

Bearing this in mind, the curators of the ‘Hello, Robot’ exhibition are highlighting the importance of designers in this field: the people who give shape to robots. The exhibition is in four parts. Part one focuses on modern humans’ fascination with robots. Part two shows how the first robots made their way into industry. In the third section, we see how robots became our friends and helpers. And finally, in part four, we examine how we have merged with them.

Many of these robots use light technology and the Light Festival features a lighting installation which combines robotic arms, lighting and robotics to create a technologically impressive project.

The exhibition is co-created by Vitra Design Museum, MAK – Vienna and Design museum Gent.

From 27 October 2017 to 15 April 2018

LeveL - the fragile balance of utopia
mischler’traxler studio
31.01 - 06.05.2018
(Salon Louis XVI)

As part of the Off Parcours Programme of the Light Festival Ghent the Design museum Gent presents the kinetic light installation 'LeveL' of the Austrian designer duo Mischer'Traxler. 

'LeveL' shows the fragile balance of perfect systems in a society and represents how sensitive networks are to external influences and influences from the inside. One element out of balance affects the whole system and literally makes the installation stagger.

The interactive light installation is designed as a space-filling mobile and will be on display in the Design museum Ghent in the prestigious Louis XVI salon at the Hotel de Coninck. At rest the installation is in balance and the paper lamp ends produce the brightest light. When a visitor approaches, or touches a component or causes a light breeze, the ensemble starts to move and the luminous intensity weakens. 'LeveL' invites the visitor to walk through the light installation, to experience the ever-changing atmosphere, and to reflect on the fragility of perfection.

LeveL – the fragile balance of utopia was developed by order of Austria Design Net for London Design Biennale 2016.

The presentation in Design museum Gent is supported by the Austrian Culture Forum Brussels and Victor Hunt Designart Dealer

Information & Location

Design Museum
Belgium, Ghent
Jan Breydelstraat