Off parcours: In de ban van de tijd (Under Time's Spell)

Off parcours: In de ban van de tijd (Under Time's Spell)

 Unravel the mystery of time. Because nothing is more familiar and yet so elusive at the same time.

With imaginative objects and writings that have tried to unravel this mystery for centuries, this exhibition brings an ode to all those scientists, instrument makers, engineers and adventurers who have been looking for centuries for an answer to that one scientific question: 'What time is it?' Thanks to specially developed virtual reality glasses you imagine yourself outside on Sint-Pietersplein and you can personally experience the operation of the armillary sphere.

In our audioguide you will also discover the - sometimes quite astonishing - little stories behind this mind-boggling topic. Or if you like to ask the questions yourself, you can also book a personal guide.

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